For Christopher

At Mx Photo Mafia, we are more than a group of photographers who show up to the various track to take pictures. We try to be involved in the community and give back when possible. This year has been a particularly difficult year in terms of accidents with serious repercussions, so we see an opportunity to help pilots and their families who have been seriously injured and therefore the rehabilitation will be long and expensive.

We raised money for Hayden and his family by donating half of the proceeds from sales of Mx Photo Mafia merchandise ... thank you to everyone who participated ..

Now, we turn our attention to Christopher Laliberté, part of the Husqvarna staff Chris was victim of a motocross accident which cost him a lot of time in a coma and several serious injuries, Christopher is slowly recovering from these injuries, the road ahead will be difficult and expensive.

So, we decided to do a raffle to raise funds. But what could we draw? With the help of Bruce Willis and the Husqvarna Canada team we managed to get a signed plate by Jason Anderson of the Husqvarna team, El Hombre is the winner of the supercross series in 2014 in the 250 class and in 2018 in the 450 class among others.

Photo courtesy of Simon Cudby

So this is how the draw will work 1- share and like this post to be eligible for the draw 2 - for every $ 10 donated to Christopher's gofundme you will have a chance to win the signed number plate .. if you put, let's say $ 20, you will get 2 times your name in the draw etc etc .. Here is the link for Christopher's gofundme

The winner will be announced on December 4, 2020 ... good luck to all Rick

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